InvoiceProxy boosts Stripe to overcome the Hungarian real-time invoice reporting obligation

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Stripe in the top tier

Stripe is one of the top payment infrastructure providers. Their suite of services offers online payment processing, fraud prevention, subscription management and more for businesses of all sizes. Stripe enables companies to deal with both one-time and recurring invoicing.

Using in Hungary

Invoicing in Hungary is tricky

Since 2018, businesses should report their invoices to the Hungarian tax authorities (NAV) in real-time. All domestic taxpayer is affected, except for some online shops, that submit VAT reports to the EU's One Stop Shop (OSS). Without an external add-on, Stripe Billing could not be used in Hungary as it does not meet the specific requirements.

Real-time data reporting

Without manual intervention

Immediately and automatically

How to start using Stripe Billing in Hungary?

Additional benefits

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Main functions & Key values


Compliance assured

Establishes data connections with the tax authority’s systems in a fully compliant and automated way.


Supports customized invoice layouts. NAV XML document generation based on any invoice data structure.

High performance

Provides integration of multiple Stripe accounts and real-time reporting of thousands of invoices.

Easy integration

Provides Stripe App based integration, hiding the complexity of the data exchange.

Optimal stability

Continuously monitors the performance of NAV's system and bridges performance issues and outages.

We support you in the integration

No local server or software setup and maintenance is needed to use InvoiceProxy.
Our specialists will assist you with the Stripe integration,
making the process effortless for your team.

Péter Kóczé

Partner | Digital Services

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